So… it’s taken me a while to get to writing this post. Life is pretty heckers at the moment!

So why am I here you ask? Why am I studying at UOW? What am I even doing with my life? I remember last year telling my mum that I had no idea what I was doing with my life and her response was a cheeky giggle and all she said was you’re 18 years old, you have plenty of time left!



Well anyway now I’m 19 and am slowing gaining a perspective of what I want to do. WOW! Amazing! (I know right, claps for me!)

Last year I completed my first year at UOW studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Majoring in Graphic Design… andddd I really enjoyed it! I also scored an amazing internship last year at a women’s online fashion store called St Frock working in social media!  I interned there for 6 months and loved every second and thought why don’t I add a communications degree to my current degree?

So I did that and now I have a position at St Frock and am their Assistant Social Media Coordinator! Basically I get paid to post content on Facebook and Instagram! Pretty cool huh?!


Basically I’ve always been interested in a career in fashion! First it was design, but then I doubted myself and convinced myself that I wasn’t talented enough for fashion design so here I am going into marketing and still loving it!

So yeah, that’s a short glimpse into why I’m here!



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