Terrorism in the media; we’ve all seen or heard it it throughout every form of media “By it’s very nature an act of terrorism is meant to be impressive. It is calculated to be an attention-getting activity” (Cooper 1976) Which it definitely is. When a major terror attack occurs within the world, it is spread throughout every media channel, it is seen and heard everywhere. But this does not occur with all acts of terrorism throughout the world? Take a look at this image for example.


This image is extremely powerful in the way in which the media in the world views terrorism. In Australia our media is definitely influentially biased with it being proven that Rupert Murdoch or rather Newscorp controls majority of Australia’s media channels. An International Media Concentration Research Project that was conducted found that Newscorp account for 59% of all sales of daily newspapers sold in Australia with over 17.3 million being sold every week! Proving that Australia’s print media is extremely monopolistic and influentially biased.(Australian Independent Media Network 2014) 

By framing the Eiffel Tower it is designed to make a statement to the fact that this is the way the media in the world reports. When the Paris Terror Attacks occurred last year it was absolutely horrific, there is simply no denying that. But when these attacks occurred, it was a fact that within Australian media you couldn’t change a channel on the television, go on the internet or your smartphone without there being mass coverage. The image makes a comment on the way in which the Western World views terrorism. So many terrifying things are happening in countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more yet we know nothing of it; but when there is an attack in a country in the Western world it is everywhere. According to an article in the New York Times, “different types of terrorist activity were fount to have different media impacts” (Doward 2015). Does this mean that if just because something happens to a country we know more of then we care more?

Why are we not hearing about what is occurring in these countries? And when we do it is always only a short glimpse. Are we getting the whole truth or just what the media wants us to believe? To me that is an uneasiness of the media.


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One thought on “Media Anxieties: Terrorism in the Media

  1. Reading your post, I’m reminded of the Joker’s quote from The Dark Knight, “Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if that plan is horrifying.”
    And it’s true, when ‘the West’ is attacked, or is struck by a disaster, people panic, they start blaming whoever they believe to be behind the attacks. We get 24 hour rolling coverage on the news, with very little in the way of insights. But, because people expect it to happen in places like the Middle East, they don’t bat an eyelid. Life goes on, and they refuse to understand why such areas would have refugees fleeing the attacks.
    Not sure what point you were making about Murdoch though as it seems to be endemic to all Western media. Still though, excellent points made, and great choice of image.


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