So the medium is the message? Okay Marshall, I think I kind of understand..

“The medium is any extension of ourselves”, so it’s something that helps the human body do something that it isn’t normally capable of. Like for example, a chair for the body to sit in. (Marshall McLuhan)


What McLuhan is insinuating is that the medium the message is provided in has a much greater impact than the literal meaning of the message. The way in which people communicate has a much greater emphasis than the literal meaning of the message.

The massive influx of new technologies has totally reshaped and changed the way in which we interact socially and the content in which these new technologies deliver. Take the iPhone for example; it’s a relatively small device that has changed the way we view pretty much every form of media. All types of media are converged into this device, we can listen to news stories, read newspapers and articles on the internet while we are still able to communicate with anyone around the world. The convergence of the content of media to the Internet and the smartphone is everywhere. It’s always with us and always online >

It’s completely and utterly changed the fundamental scale on which we interact. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves and are therefore now the medium.

Makes some sort of sense right? Let me know your thoughts !


One thought on “The Medium is the Message?

  1. The theory of ‘the medium is the message’ is a difficult concept in regards to communication theory to understand. The use of a modern day example, the iPhone, as a way to explain this concept is a simple way to bring the theory to a 2016 audience. I found a really good example for comparing different mediums to show that the medium itself is the message. Compare the medium of film, it is a linear experience and has specific aspects that lead to a conclusion that are the same everytime regardless of the message, with a website, in which the consumer has the ability to control how their message is reached to conclusion. These examples, just as yours does, show how the medium can change how we interact with the message.


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