New and advancing technologies are something that have taken over the world. Everyday there is someone discovering something new who is changing or adapting technologies to become more innovative and even more advanced.

We’ve got from analog content to digital which has completely changed the way in which content is delivered to us! Technologies have completely changed the way in which we communicate with each other (yes the medium is now the message etc etc) but it’s completely changed the flow of the content we view! We can do majority of the things we need to do on our smartphones! Which lets be honest, is great but also pretty scary!

Have a look at these statistics of Smartphone usage in 2014! 2 years later now, surely they’re much higher now! >

Australian Smartphone Statistics

Our smartphones are now a descriptor of who we are! They are always with us, they are always turned on and they are always connected to the internet meaning that we are aways online! Always reachable! We’re all guilty of it! Notice when you’re on a train or a bus in the city and you look around and every single person is sitting on their device! And you look down, oh so are you!

So the question begs have we become too reliant on these devices? OBVIOUSLY! But is it a bad thing? It’s obviously a good thing that we are embracing these advanced technologies and using them to all of their capabilities but have a think could you go a day with being not checking Facebook, without sending a text, checking emails or even checking the weather? I know I wouldn’t be able to!



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