Buchanan defines semiotics as the study of signs and symbols being that a sign can be represented or associated with anything that has meaning for a particular individual. (2010) A sign only symbolises a meaning when an individual associates it with something, which requires previous knowledge or experience and also has a great deal to do with their personality which includes their beliefs, values and morals.

When viewing this media text of the advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrances ‘Light Blue’ there are many signifiers to be found in the image:

2013, Dolce & Gabbana light blue, Image, The Fashion Spot, viewed 24 March 2016 

The location itself is a signifier; a denotative meaning in that the individuals are isolated in a natural picturesque environment that shows the beauty of the natural world, which is contrasted against their presence. The man and woman are both seen as extremely desirable, coming from their physical attractiveness of their tanned skin and beautiful bodies to their white swimwear which extends the message of luxury. White is often a colour that is partnered with sophistication, cleanliness and money. The signifier of their bright blue eyes is represented by the fact that the name of the fragrance is light blue.

In looking at the image in a connotative way, by showing the models in the white swimwear it a sexualises the product. At first glance of the image, the male is the first thing that the eye catches, then the eye wanders to the female. The male can be seen as being the alpha male due to his toned, tanned body and customers are made to think in that by using this product this is how you will look and feel and that you will have a gorgeous woman alongside you. Or vice versa from the perspective of the woman in that you will look, feel and smell stunning and have a greek god of a man next to you.

The metaphor of this image is desirability, D&G wants to entice both men and women into buying their fragrance. Their brand positioning makes this possible as D&G brand has always been associated with fame, luxury and sophistication. Their products are expensive and endorsed by many celebrities which again makes their products desirable to consumers.

Buchanan, I 2010, Oxford Dictionary of Critical Theory, Oxford University Press, New York.

2013, Dolce & Gabbana light blue, Image, The Fashion Spot, viewed 24 March 2016 ><http://www.thefashionspot.com/buzz-news/forum-buzz/180437-lets-just-admire-david-gandy-and-bianca-balti-in-dolce-a-gabbanas-light-blue-fragrance-campaign-video-forum-buzz/&gt;


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