Since the arrival of social media, it has completely changed the way in which society communicates. By this happening, it has opened up a new form of media; dialogic media, in which regular users of social media become journalists themselves as they have the ability to document, comment and start dialogue.

By commenting on the media we have become prosumers. Producers and consumers of content.


One thought on “Monologic Media vs Dialogic Media

  1. “Within monologic media, it is heavily biased and can quite often be manipulating the public into what they want their audiences to hear.”
    Does monologic media have to be heavily biased? Can you have monologic media which has two sides of the story, while also not allowing for people to talk back directly to them? For example, [] this cricket website (although dialogic), offers two different perspectives from two separate writers about who will be selected to partner with Cook. If the same principles were applied to a newspaper, would the articles still be as biased? That’s not to say I think monologic media is the way to go; just a secondary thought process to consider.

    I really enjoyed how you related dialogic media to social media: this is a perfect link in our every day lives which illustrates the power to talk, discuss, share, and alter our interactions. This is particularly important for those who wish to cultivate brands online through these platforms. If you want to know more about social media as a dialogic platfrom re: marketing and public relations; this is a good article to check out:

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