Transmedia is the form of telling multiple stories over multiple mediums that fit together to tell one huge dynamic story. An example of something that uses transmedia to it’s advantage is the Batman franchise.

The Batman franchise began as a comic series; now Batman is a an easily recognisable brand. It is available in the form of tv shows, various movies and trilogy’s, clothing, accessories and costumes. The simple symbol of the bat has become a huge signifier for the brand that establishes meaning to consumers.

The Batman franchise transmits key information and messages, transcends the message over multiple platforms and transcends audiences into a world that is much greater than just the one story. Fans become immersed in the world and story of Batman.


3 thoughts on “The Transmedia of Batman

  1. You’ve written a great piece, simple yet effective that clearly outlines the nature of a transmedia narrative. Batman is fantastic example of such a narrative, crossing over all forms of media to create a rich and interactive story. What I would recommend to slightly improve this piece is focus a little more on why transmedia narratives are so effective, both your post and video mostly centre around how it has become a transmedia narrative, but little on why this type of approach is so useful. I found this site:, very effective in exploring some theories and guides as to the nature of transmedia narratives in society. Good luck with your blogging 🙂


  2. Good blog post, If you are going to use a YouTube video to explain more about batman’s transmedia maybe use more hyperlinks within you blog, that way the audience can keep up to date with the information that you want them to know about your subject, that way less information in your blog but more of your writing about the subject you want them to know about. 🙂


  3. I really liked that you used Batman as an example of transmedia, I fully forgot all the different mediums Batman comes in until I read this!
    Your video was really well made and interesting to watch aswell!
    The aesthetic side of your blog is good also, maybe a little more of a description on transmedia but overall I really liked your post 🙂


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