Digital artefact: YouTube channel that shows the life of a student

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7 Ways To Build Your Online Presence Now

At the start of this assignment, I was pretty stumped. I had no idea what I wanted to do and how I would do it. I’m an avid social media user and even work in marketing as an assistant social media coordinator for a women’s online store but I had no idea what to do. After weeks and weeks of deliberation I decided to explore making a YouTube channel which is something I’m not very familiar in. These tips were helpful in ways like I always need to be improving, building relationships, providing constant value and being social with viewers.

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How to Make YouTube Videos People Will Actually Want To Watch

When I initially had the idea to create a YouTube channel, I wondered what people would actually want to see. For me, what I watch on YouTube constantly changes day by day. YouTube is such a huge and diverse platform that I decided to take inspiration from YouTube Vloggers and have a humorous channel that is dedicated to people in my age bracket where I can talk about and show a range of different topics. In reading this article it helped me choose my demographic and to build relationships with viewers and have engaging content.

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Troye Sivan Youtube Channel

I searched around YouTube and found the channel of Troye Sivan, who became famous through his vlogging and is now a quite popular singer. His videos cover a wide range of topics like issues in his life, funny topics, challenges and advice. As he is a similar age as me, it gave me an idea of how I should communicate with the my demographic by using colloquial language, slang and keep up to date with the latest styles and technologies while trying to keep my videos funny, engaging and relatable.

source 4

Jenna Marbles Youtube Channel

I have stumbled across Jenna Marbles YouTube channel many many times and her videos are funny and engaging. They cover a range of things and some are just videos of her ranting which can be a little bit annoying. By seeing some of those videos it sort of showed me what I don’t want to be doing, like trying too hard. I realised I wanted my videos to be simple, funny and relatable. For me her content sometimes goes a bit too far and goes over my head but that’s probably because I’m not American and I’m not a girl.

source 5

How to Make Videos with your iPhone

After making my first video using my Macbook, the sound quality was pretty dodgy and was quite hard to hear; and I had several comments about that issue. So following the tips from my other sources of always improving, I wondered how I could solve this problem. I found this video on YouTube and it gave me an idea to use my phone next time instead of my laptop. The initial reason I didn’t use my phone was because I didn’t think it would be as good quality but it turns out it worked better than the laptop.

source 6

How I Edit My YouTube Videos (iMovie) + How I Make My Thumbnails

In one of my videos I really wanted to add the image of my friends who gave me the advice of how females should never wear heels to the Grand in Wollongong. I knew that it would be possible to have the image of them come up on the screen I just didn’t know how to do it. I found this video by searching on the internet and it was really helpful and gave a quick and easy explanation of how I could insert the photo into iMovie. It worked and now I know how to do this for future videos.

source 7

Tips to Become a More Productive Blogger

This article was quite helpful as I did hit a bit of a lull and was struggling to think of things I could talk about or do in my vlogs. It gave me an idea of the work that was actually involved in vlogging. It does take quite a while to edit a video and get it the way you want it. The agenda for a weekly blog post was my goal but then things happen and life gets in the way and you suddenly have no time. The tips are really helpful to try and get myself into a vlogging routine.

source 8 

5 Habits of Youtube Video Bloggers That Are Effective

This article reiterated the idea of again creating great content that will attract and engage people to watch my videos. By setting objectives that I want to reach it allows me to have something to work towards to and will motivate me to get in and have a go. And the most important thing to have fun with my YouTube channel and post about things that I’m interested in and will actually know what I’m talking about. And involve others in my videos so it’s diverse and not always the same.

source 9

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Although my YouTube channel is not a business, it is still a brand or image of myself. What I do on that reflects who I am. These ten steps are relevant to building an online presence including again building rapport and communicating with people, being patient and knowing that success does not happen over night and being easily accessible and committed to regularly updating my YouTube channel and not just letting it slowly fizzle out into nothing.

source 10

5 Simple Brand Building Tips for YouTube Vloggers

My YouTube channel is my brand now, it represents who I am and what I do. These tips state that building a brand is essential for long term success and vitality. This article was super interesting in the tips to build a logo, create custom hashtags that are relevant to my channel and to build a follow on other social media channel; which could lead to me creating a Facebook page in which I could share the videos there and gain a following on both social media accounts.



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