Remix was something that was once only associated with music; now remix is a common factor within our society.

Creative items and works are always remixed in contemporary society. There is always a new adaptation or version of something being released that could be as simple as changing one feature.

This then begs the question ‘is anything new, or is everything just a remix of something else that has already happened?’ The process allows someone to express their own creativity through using others original thought process.  Within this article Remixing Culture And Why The Art Of The Mash-Up Matters, it is stated that “all cultural artefacts are open to reappropriation”. With the advancements in technology it has become a hell of a lot easier to appropriate something or remix something.

To create my soundcloud for the week, I used the online web browser program “The Wub Machine”and applied a DubStep remix to a song I simply uploaded. Although the remix is not good, it shows how simple it is to do.

The article also states that if you’re not making art without the intention of having someone copy it, then you’re not really making art for the 21st Century. This is an extremely interesting point that could be argued and debated to death.



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