In creating an online presence; each user has a certain persona or personality that they portray to their audience. An online presence is something that over time is very carefully articulated and requires a lot of thought and ongoing maintenance.

The personality that I have created within my personal Facebook and Instagram pages are what I like to think of myself being; fun and very social. Within my pages I like to post content of only things I find interesting such as me having fun with friends, humorous posts and updates and spectacular places that I have visited. From having this account set up for almost 7 years I know very well what people who follow like to see.

For a business that I work for I run their various social media platforms and my persona for this completely changes. In doing this, I take on the persona of a single female. The typical ‘girl-next-door’ that is funny, fashionable, tries to be fit but never works out and loves online shopping that communicates with over 380, 000 people.  This is more of a challenge for me as I am using someone else’s persona and I constantly have to adapt and transition to this when posting content. It is extremely interesting and shows the power of marketing through an online persona.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 12.44.08 AM.png


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