O’Shaughnessy describes the term ‘Globalisation’ as being “an international community influenced by technological development and economic, political and military interests.” (O’Shaughnessy 2012 p. 458) He basically iterates throughout his essay that due to the massive technological and industrial growth the world has seen developed has changed the way in which the world trades and communicates.

Marshall McLaughin describes that the globalisation of the world has created a ‘global village’, a way in which he communicates this is through the terms of:


Through the advances in technology and the wonder that is the internet we can find out information instantly as it is happening and can connect with people throughout the world whenever we would like to. Examples of these situations would be last year when the horrific attacks in Paris occurred, the whole world instantly knew and were alerted after each new attack. And an example of being able to connect to the other side of the world in an instant is when my best friend who is on exchange in the USA can FaceTime me and we can have a conversation whenever we are both awake.


“facilitating interpersonal communication and the formation of communities and relationships across geographic, racial, religious and cultural barriers.”(O’Shaughnessy 2012 p. 459) Globalisation has allowed the world to communicate and feel connected without being physically in the same place as that person.


Globalisation has allowed the world to depend on all types of different technology. In trade especially we are dependent on other countries for our products; for example, for a clothing store generally majority of the items are made in China due to cheap labour and expenses. What if something were to happen to these Chinese factories, these stores would not have product. It refers to the common saying “If America sneezes, Australia catches a cold.

Globalisation – changing the face of society. This video explains the term Globalisation from a trade perspective.


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O’Shaughnessy, Michael 2012, ‘Globalisation’, in Media and society, 5th ed, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic, pp. 458-471


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