One of the many things you will see in advertisements for a university or educational organisation is the image of racially different people throughout them. The idea at it’s most basic level is to portray the institution as culturally diverse to convince people from countries all over the world to want to study abroad at these places.


An interesting way to look at the notion of exchange is the way in which it changes a person’s way of life, the way they think and their actions. Marginson describes the term of ‘hybridity’ in that the international student combines and synthesizes different cultural and relational elements, blending them together, into a newly formed self. At the end of the student sojourn the student, rather than just flipping back into the old home country identity, takes home a transformed self.” (Marginson 2012) In my own experience of this, I have often seen my friends that have been on international exchange using the hashtag on their Instagram photos #exchangedmylife.  international education is to continue to succeed as a business in this country, the student experience must keep improving. It must keep improving in exactly this way, as an intercultural encounter.

Throughout the presentation Marginson iterates that if international education is to continue to succeed as a business in Australia that the student experience must keep improving. (Marginson 2012) A way I view this idea is throughout my experience of living on campus at the Univeristy of Wollongong at Kooloobong Village. Living here for almost two years has seen me meet many international students that want to experience as much as they can about Australia. Although this is the case for some, it is not for others. I have met many international students that would like to meet people from their country of origin and only be with them and don’t bother to try and engage in the Australian culture.

Our growing role as communicators in the world is to try and break down these barriers to allow more cultural ‘hybridity’ throughout the world. Education is one of the most important things to people, and you can never learn too much about anything.

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