Today after having a coffee and a sandwich at UOW, I went to put my rubbish in the bin and was not sure as to whether I should put in the recycling bin or the general waste. It sparked my curiosity as to whether other people feel the same way. So when I needed a topic to research, I thought sure, let’s start learning about recycling!

So my question is Do people know what they should actually be recycling? I am especially taking an interest in this topic, as I am a student originally from a rural area in which we aren’t educated on recycling as well as people from urban areas are. The regional town in which I grew up does not recycle, and only has one household garbage bin collected weekly that contains all household rubbish.

To collect information for this research project, I aim to survey UOW students; I would like to understand their habits and opinions on recycling and for myself to gain a larger understanding of the concept. I would either use the online survey forum, Survey Monkey or conduct the research throughout campus asking all types of students their verdict on recycling.

The initial outline of my research questions are:

  • Do they know what you should be putting in the recycling bins?
  • Do they recycle at home?
  • Are they originally from a regional area or urban area
  • Do they recycle there?
  • Is there enough information on cups/bottles/waste that tells you whether you should recycle? – do they even bother checking?
  • Do they care about the impact of recycling?
  • Would they prefer there to be a recycling guide on the bins/improvements on the current ones?
  • Should these signs regarding recycling be redesigned to be clearer?
  • If they didn’t know what they should be recycling, would they bother to research online?
  • If you didn’t know, would you think takeaway coffee cups belonged in the recycling bin or the general waste?

In conducting my own research, I will educate myself on UOW’s recycling policies and procedures and also from the Wollongong City Council.

UOW Policies and Procedures

Wollongong City Council Recycling

In conducting this research project I am very interested in seeing if other students have similar questions about recycling as myself! Let’s start researching!


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