In my last blog post, I introduced the idea that my research topic was going to concentrate on recycling.

My refined question is: 

Do University students who are in charge of their own waste and recycling know how to properly manage their waste?

Recycling has never been something that I have taken an interest in… until now. In conducting this research project, I am now understanding and coming to terms with just how important recycling actually is and the massive benefits it has. Throughout this project my goal is to discover people’s attitudes and knowledge towards recycling and waste, as well as informing them as I am informing myself about this topic. In conducting some background research on the world wide web, I have exposed myself to so much information regarding recycling! Two sources that have particularly sparked my interest are

The Psychology Behind Why People Don’t Recycle and the Planet Ark Report, All Sorted: Answering the Big Recycling Questions. These two sources have formed a great background for what my research project will entail. I am very interested in learning why people do and don’t recycle and the improvements we can make to our world, economy and businesses by recycling every day.

I have created a short and sweet online survey that is to spark my curiosity about others and how they recycle. The survey is very quick, basic and is that of just a starting point to introduce the next survey and a further focus group that Alex Litchfield and I will conduct together.

If you would like to participate in my survey, (which I would super appreciate) here is the link > Recycling BCM212 Survey

To keep updated on my progress with this project, I will be constantly updating and adding new content to this page! It’s a super interesting topic and one that will benefit us all knowing a little more!



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