Media spaces are something that have only been brought to the forefront of my thinking during the past week.

The way in which we use technology (mainly that iPhone we have in our hot little hand all day long) transforms each and every space we are involved with!

Just looking around on the train now as I’m commuting from Sydney to Wollongong ย I can see how our devices have completely changed the way people communicate. There’s people texting, on Facebook, scrolling through Insta, taking snapchats, watching Netflix, listening to Spotify. (And yes, I’m guilty of all of the above within the last 5 minutes)

Just picture 20 years ago when people had to actually speak to each other and didn’t have little thing in their ears or these Space Invaders. ( Like people must have actually spoken to each other!?)

But seriously, just take a second and think about how much the media has transformed a once so involved space to one like it is now! And it raises that old issue that we as a society are becoming more engaged with the online world but we’re becoming less engaged with our reality.




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