The term of being native advertising is described as something the advertising that is embedded directly into content feeds (such as your Facebook timeline.) It is dependent on your business goals, and measurement systems on how successful this can be to a business. 1. 

The format of native advertising is so popular and drives results as it matches the format of the platform that it is located on. For example, you may not realise that a post on your Facebook timeline is an advertisement as it looks almost identical to a post that a friend would make. The only difference is that it would say ‘Sponsored post’ above it as seen below in the example.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.56.41 am.png

This ad was not hard to find at all, as it was the second post that appeared after logging onto my timeline.

Small Biz Trends states that as people are avoiding advertisements through the use of adblocker tools, native ads were created so that advertisers could still get their message into various platforms without bombarding potential customers.

They state that the goals of native advertising include:


  • Positioning a brand image in the consumer’s mind as the “First & Long” video series above positioned Nike; or
  • Driving consumers to take one particular action as in the case of the search engine ads above.

Any business with a digital marketing strategy is employing these native ads, whether that be through the use of both organic and paid advertising.

There are debates that native advertising does violate ethics and a bit a hazardous topic, but as the brands that use this form of advertising regularly argue that the ads are clearly labelled with the words ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Promoted.’



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