Consumer and Social Well-being

As marketers we have an obligation to remain ethical and provide safe products and services to all our customers as well as maintaining our daily integral business operations. Social Marketing is a "process that applies marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate, and deliver value in order to influence target audience behaviours that benefit society … Continue reading Consumer and Social Well-being


Native Advertising

The term of being native advertising is described as something the advertising that is embedded directly into content feeds (such as your Facebook timeline.) It is dependent on your business goals, and measurement systems on how successful this can be to a business. 1.  The format of native advertising is so popular and drives results … Continue reading Native Advertising

Public Good and Market Failure in the Australian Film Industry

Assignment 1: Critical Reflection This short critical reflection piece (1000 words) should demonstrate that you have a clear and developing understanding of the significance of market failure, and ‘public good’ arguments in relation to the funding and protection of Australian media content in the Australian domestic market. It is not an unpopular opinion to say … Continue reading Public Good and Market Failure in the Australian Film Industry

Reflective Report

Part 1: Critical incident analysis Identify and describe three critical moments/activities from your design project. This might be drawn from the schemata or execution stages of your design process, or the final project outcomes Three of the most instrument incidents that occurred throughout this design process are: The most critical incident towards my project happened … Continue reading Reflective Report