Reflecting on my WordPress ‘journey’

When I’m asked to reflect upon something I always feel a little overwhelmed. Where do I start? Do I even know how to reflect? What have I done? But to start things off, my little journey with WordPress began back in 2015! Surprisingly not for a BCM subject but a graphic design one! We were … Continue reading Reflecting on my WordPress ‘journey’


Week 9

Critical Incident: In having my consult with Gregor I realised that I was quite stuck in my design process. I wasn't quite sure as to what I was doing. I presented my 3 concept development ideas and the various repeat patterns I had been working on. I knew I still wanted to follow the 3 … Continue reading Week 9

The pitch!

We all know and hear day-in-and-day-out the effects of social media, the way in which we've all become digitally connected but also lost our connection to reality. It's a tale that we've heard and learned for the past few years due to the rise in technology. So yes, we're all connected now in ways that ten years … Continue reading The pitch!