The benefit of an online persona.

In creating an online presence; each user has a certain persona or personality that they portray to their audience. An online presence is something that over time is very carefully articulated and requires a lot of thought and ongoing maintenance. The personality that I have created within my personal Facebook and Instagram pages are what … Continue reading The benefit of an online persona.


Digital Artefact: Annotated Bibliography

Digital artefact: YouTube channel that shows the life of a student source 1  7 Ways To Build Your Online Presence Now At the start of this assignment, I was pretty stumped. I had no idea what I wanted to do and how I would do it. I'm an avid social media user and even work … Continue reading Digital Artefact: Annotated Bibliography

The Transmedia of Batman

Transmedia is the form of telling multiple stories over multiple mediums that fit together to tell one huge dynamic story. An example of something that uses transmedia to it's advantage is the Batman franchise. The Batman franchise began as a comic series; now Batman is a an easily recognisable brand. It is available in the form … Continue reading The Transmedia of Batman


Modern Day Craft

New and advancing technologies have now made the capabilities of craft endless leading to the possibilities of mass production, customisation and creating products to suit individuality and preference. The process of this, involves designing through making which has redefined the meaning of craft. To some, craft is the act of using your hands to create … Continue reading Modern Day Craft


Monologic Media vs Dialogic Media

Since the arrival of social media, it has completely changed the way in which society communicates. By this happening, it has opened up a new form of media; dialogic media, in which regular users of social media become journalists themselves as they have the ability to document, comment and start dialogue. By commenting on the media … Continue reading Monologic Media vs Dialogic Media


The Smartphone Debacle

New and advancing technologies are something that have taken over the world. Everyday there is someone discovering something new who is changing or adapting technologies to become more innovative and even more advanced. We’ve got from analog content to digital which has completely changed the way in which content is delivered to us! Technologies have … Continue reading The Smartphone Debacle


The Blurred Lines Of Copyright

There are so many mixed feelings towards Copyright.. especially in the creative industries. Sure copyright has both positive and negative connotations. We want to get credit for our original work and ideas and for them to be recognised and let’s be honest; we want to make money! Especially if we’ve created something new and innovative. … Continue reading The Blurred Lines Of Copyright