Diaspora – More than just a culture shock

dictionary.com defines Diaspora as the spread or dissemination of something originally confined to a local, homogeneous group, as a language or cultural institution. So in that case, are humans diasporic? We grow up in one area, never knowing where we will end up. Using the case of myself, for example; I grew up in Central West NSW and … Continue reading Diaspora – More than just a culture shock


Generation: Globalised

  O’Shaughnessy describes the term ‘Globalisation’ as being “an international community influenced by technological development and economic, political and military interests.” (O’Shaughnessy 2012 p. 458) He basically iterates throughout his essay that due to the massive technological and industrial growth the world has seen developed has changed the way in which the world trades and communicates. … Continue reading Generation: Globalised