Week 13

As this week was our final design class it was pretty daunting as it was the last class we would be able to gain feedback. I was nervous to show Gregor what I had done in case it was completely wrong and I would be lost again. After a consult with Gregor, I felt relieved … Continue reading Week 13


Week 12

After changing my direction, I felt like I was starting from the beginning of the design process again. This time though, I was ten times more inspired and willing to experiment with colour, pattern and things outside of my comfort zone like creating vectors. I was prototyping creating patterns that I thought married up with … Continue reading Week 12

Week 3

After deciding that I was going to create an online store I began dissecting the elements of this and what I would need to create in order to have a refined and professional brand. These elements I uncovered would involve the following: sustainable packaging Publication design - lookbooks, returns notes, information cards Website development - … Continue reading Week 3